Vital Records Storage & Security in California by Corodata

Vital Records Storage – old school

Vital Records Storage Vital records are documents or materials that need to be kept forever. Unlike archival records, which need to be kept for a certain period but do have a future destruction date, vital records involve data that is critical to your company and need to be stored safely and securely for all time.

The objective of vital records storage is to provide a long-term system for preserving and storing important business data that can be accessed if needed. Vital records may include deeds, historical records, patents, blueprints, contracts or even archival photographs. Corodata is a full service California records storage management company providing secure, cost effective, offsite facilities for storing all types of documents and media.

Outsourcing Vital Records Storage

Records must be securely stored to ensure your company’s survival and preserve its history. Corodata is equipped to work with you to understand your handling requirements and to provide an economical way to ensure these precious documents stay safe and secure.

Benefits of outsourcing Vital Records Storage with Corodata include:

  • Increased protection of your vital records
  • Temperature controlled vaults for longer preservation
  • Corodata barcode tracking system
  • Full scale inventory of your vital records
  • Automatic compliance with certifications such as HIPAA, FACTA, FDA, and more
  • Facilities located in convenient California locations
  • Increased office space from storing offsite

If you need a company who understands the critical importance and requirements of records protection and storage, look no further than Corodata.

Safe and Secure Vital Records Storage

Most office spaces are ill-equipped for the management of long-term records storage. A building fire, burst pipe, or natural disaster could destroy your records forever. The preservation of records is paramount to a business, so losing them spells instant disaster. By storing your records offsite, you secure their preservation.

At Corodata, it is our primary objective to keep your records safe and secure at all times. For instance, our fire protection protocol is designed to protect all the records in our facility, not just the people in the building. Corodata facilities also have 24-7 security systems including motion sensors and access codes to enter our storage areas.

The Experts In Vital Records Storage Management

We understand that your records must be protected no matter what. This is why our records storage management services include filing and organizing your records, timely pick-up and delivery, automated tracking, management support, and the highest level of security in the records storage industry.

Preserving and Retrieving Your Vital Records

Vital records contain data that needs to be readily available and accessible at all times. Corodata utilizes a sophisticated inventory system that will allow you to easily access your vital records. At the same time, our records storage experts will work to ensure your documents are preserved and protected while they are in our care.

We use several methods for preserving critical documents. These methods include:

  • A barcode tracking system ensures that there is always a full chain-of-custody tracking on each and every record
  • Expertly trained staff
  • Delivery options to fit your needs including, next day, same day and rush deliveries
  • Easy online access via our web portal
  • Fully secured facilities

At Corodata, we manage your vital records as if it our business depends on it. Because it does. We’re well known for our client satisfaction and we aim to keep it that way!