IT Risk Management Webinar

Plan ahead to be prepared for any IT emergency

The threats to network and data security are growing daily, and businesses are struggling to keep up. Malware, ransomware, and natural disasters all cause network failures which cost organizations millions each year. IT risk management is now more important than ever. Join Corodata, in collaboration with CBC Solutions, as we discuss how to plan and implement an IT risk management scheme that works with your organization.

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Risk Management Webinar

Secure Your Networks

Learn where you’re exposed – and how to protect these vulnerable points.
IT risk management

Forming a Plan

We’ll go over how to develop your own IT risk management plan.
corodata partnership with Carbonite

How Corodata Can Help

We’ll show you how our data protection expertise has helped cities and companies all over California.

About Corodata

Corodata is California’s largest privately held information management company since 1948. With over 10,000 clients and five facilities throughout the state, we are a full records and information company with a focus on providing outstanding, local customer service. Corodata provides secure destruction, offsite record storage, imaging, data protection, and cloud backup services.

About CBC Solutions

CBC Solutions, Inc. is a technology consulting firm based out of San Diego, CA. They work together with businesses to provide strategic direction and expertise in the planning and implementation of technological systems within organizations. In addition, they provide technology-assisted solutions for managing a modern workforce.

About the Featured Presenter

Tim Topham is the owner and principal consultant at CBC Solutions. Tim has worked with SharePoint 360, Pointivity, and TechHeads, Inc. among others in his over twenty years of tech industry experience. He is an expert in cloud computing, business continuity, network design, and network security. Find him here.

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