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If you’re looking for premium San Diego records management solutions, search no further. Here at Corodata, we offer everything you need for data and records management, including storage, shredding, data protection, and scanning. We know how important it is for organizations and businesses to uphold high standards of confidentiality and security, all while maintaining a fully functional records and information management system that is simple and easy to access.

At the end of the day, a business needs a professional records management system for that extra layer of safety and efficiency. It makes a world of difference for not only your peace of mind but for the success and security of your company as a whole. As a leader in the document management industry in California, we understand the heavy importance of file security and always go above and beyond to ensure your business is protected. Read more about our San Diego records management services below!

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25+ digital camera feeds

Climate-controlled vault

In-rack fire suppression system

24/7 DVR monitors

Private and secure access rooms

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Document Storage and Records Storage Services

Document Storage

Interested in offsite document storage? Our document management services in San Diego, CA include active files storage, offsite records storage, and vital records storage. As with any document storage solution, we understand confidentiality and security are a top priority. This is why all of our buildings include top-of-the-line security measures, including rigorous background checks for employees and a detailed chain of custody. View our records storage services for more information.

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Shredding Services

Whether you’re a resident or own a business with valuable information, paper shredding in San Diego comes in handy, especially for destroying sensitive data that is no longer in use. We offer secure shredding in San Diego for everything from paper, hard drives, and other media. As always, our paper and document shredding process ensures your data stays safe from the time it’s in our hands until its destruction. See more about document shredding in San Diego.

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Document and Paper Shredding Services in California
Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

Professional data protection at a more affordable rate. For those who need data protection in San Diego, we offer a wide range of services, like offsite media storage & rotation and secure cloud backup solutions. If security is something you like to uphold in your organization, review our data protection services to learn more about how Corodata can assist you in your data protection goals.

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Document Scanning Services

These days, a solid digital document management system is imperative for building a simple way to access all of your information. This way, you can effortlessly store all of your data in one, easy-to-use database, instead of shifting through hours-worth of information to find what you need. We provide document scanning services in San Diego that include scan on demand and high volume imaging. View our document scanning services to learn more.

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Document Scanning Services