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The importance of experienced records and document management is crucial for any business. Cordata’s San Jose records management services can be immensely helpful in storing all of your data safe and secure, while also being organized and easy to access.

Here at Corodata, we’ve been helping businesses in the San Jose area keep their information safe and secure for more than 20 years, and we’d love to help you, too. We offer a wide range of record management services, including; offsite records and tape storage, document shredding, hard drive destruction, high volume imaging, and scan-on-demand document scanning. Let’s get started today!

Corodata San Jose
450 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
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Hours of Operation
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Closed December 26, 2022
Closed January 2, 2023
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Facility Features

25+ digital camera feeds

Climate-controlled vault

In-rack fire suppression system

24/7 DVR monitors

Private and secure access rooms

Security restrictions and protocols

San Jose Service Areas Include

San Jose

Palo Alto

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Document Storage and Offsite Records Storage Services

Document Storage

Document management can be a complicated process, but Cordata’s San Jose records management services include offsite storage options that help businesses feel secure and at ease with their file system.

We offer comprehensive offsite records storage solutions in San Jose, from paper storage to tape and media storage services. Learn more about our offsite records storage services.

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Shredding Services

Need reliable and secure shredding services in San Jose? You’ve come to the right place. We offer paper and document shredding for San Jose businesses and residents, as well as hard drive and media destruction.

We understand the importance of secure destruction when it comes to your confidential materials, which is why we provide an airtight process, from the moment you give us your data all the way to its destruction. Our shredding services in San Jose include:

  • Paper and document shredding, which may include scheduled shredding with a shred day, or a one-time service.
  • Hard drive and media destruction remove all traces of data from any type of media or hard drive.
  • HIPAA-certified residential shredding.
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Document and Paper Shredding Services in California
Data Protection Services

Offsite Tape & Media Storage

Safeguarding your business from theft or natural disasters is integral to any organization’s success, and we take your information’s protection seriously. View our media and data vaulting services, which include offsite media storage and backup tape rotation throughout the entire San Jose area.

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Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning services are for San Jose businesses wanting to convert their paper documents into an easy-to-access digital form. Whether you’re working to organize your data in a more efficient, easily accessible way, or simply sift through important information, our scan-on-demand process is for you. Our document scanning services make converting sensitive data easy and fast.

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Document Scanning Services