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Corodata is your clear choice for document scanning services. Whether you have acquired a company and want to digest the information on the documents you now own, wish to convert sensitive data from the past to a long lasting, redundant digital form, or need to access the documents for a very long time (like forever) or from multiple locations, Corodata’s document scanning services can be customized to meet your needs. When it comes to document scanning services, Corodata stands alone as a comprehensive physical and digital storage supplier in California. Our commitment to secure storage, economically reasonable services, decades of expertise, and personal, local customer service allows us to provide the highest level of document scanning services for our clients.

Scan On Demand

Scan on Demand

Using our Scan on Demand services, we can image and provide any paper document in your entire archive in as little as an hour.

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High Volume Scanning

High Volume Document Imaging

Our high volume imaging serivce can turn massive volumes of documents into manageable and searchable images.

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With Corodata Scanning Services you’ll receive:

Confidential and important documents should always be left in the hands of experts. Corodata can store the images and index information for you, upload the images to your servers, keep the paper on hand as a backup, and eventually securely shred of the material and ensure recycling. We can also make the images available through Corovault, our online records center.

document scanning service

Information on Demand

Corodata provides online access to any of your electronic or imaged documents immediately from computer, tablet or phone.

Cost Effective

With Corodata, there is no upfront hardware or software to purchase. Our pay as you go approach ensures you invest in only what you need when you need it.
Safety and Security

Secure and Compliant

We ensure your storage solution meets the strict guidelines of HIPAA, SSAE18 and other stringent regulations. You control access by setting secure access rights for individuals, and have full tracking of who accesses documents and when.

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