High-Volume Document Scanning Services

Special Imaging Projects

Imagine having instant access, from any web-capable device to any file, record, form, document, or image you might need. With Corodata’s high-volume scanning services and CoroVault, that will become your new reality. We have the technology to create a completely integrated, fully customized records management solution, with convenient digital access, for any size or type of business.

The objective of Corodata’s imaging and document scanning services is simple: to create a fully searchable, universally accessible, virtual database of easily managed images. Whatever your business needs, Corodata has a document scanning solution that will meet them. Corodata is a full-service California records storage management company providing secure, cost-effective, high-volume scanning and imaging solutions for all types of use cases.

Outsourcing High-Volume Imaging

It can take hundreds or thousands of hours to digitize and file your documents and records in-house. By outsourcing your digitization needs to Corodata, you take advantage of our full suite of high-volume scanning and imaging solutions – you cut costs, ensure quality, and build a dynamic database that you can continue to add to. Corodata’s experts will work with you to understand your imaging requirements and to provide you with a customized, economical, and reliable high-volume document scanning system.

Benefits of partnering with Corodata include:

  • Increased security
  • Hassle-free services
  • Universal accessibility from any web-capable device
  • Quick access
  • Saves hundreds of hours of imaging
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable
  • Fully compliant with certifications such as HIPAA, FACTA, FDA, and more

Safe and Secure

Trying to make do with digital cameras, cell phone apps, or outdated scanners will result in blurred, off-center, inefficient imaging, and will seriously increase costs as hours of work get wasted.

At Corodata, it is our primary objective to make sure that your documents are scanned perfectly, properly, and reliably, on the first pass. We handle the filing, and create a dynamic searchable database, saving you a mountain of frustration. Corodata records storage facilities also have 24-7 security systems including motion sensors and access codes to enter our storage areas, so you can feel confident in the safe and secure handling of your sensitive documents and data.

Trust in Experts

We understand that your documents must be protected and preserved, no matter what. Our document scanning services include precise imaging, secure handling, and even pick-up and delivery, so you can feel confident trusting Corodata to handle, image, and guard your documents, whatever their content. Corodata practices the highest level of security in the industry.

Did you know that it takes an average of three hundred seconds to scan, tag, and file a single page, assuming everything goes perfectly on the first pass and that no touch-ups are required? That doesn’t include making the full text of the document part of a searchable database – without the proper software solutions, that’s a separate step. At Corodata, with our industrial approach to batch-processing, we can get it done in a fraction of the time, and with greater reliability and redundancy.

Unlike regular employees, the staff at Corodata are trained specifically in handling confidential document, which means your critical data will always be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At Corodata, we understand that different businesses have different needs. Our high-volume scanning experts can work with you to help you process all your documents in a way that is beneficial to your business.

Preserving and Retrieving Your Documents

By scanning your documents and records, and integrating them into a fully searchable database, you’ll have every single piece, page, and particle at your fingertips. From a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or any other web-connected device, you can instantly find, access, and utilize every part of your database. Corodata’s sophisticated database management system is the product of years of experience, and your business can benefit today.

We use several methods for digitizing a high volume of documents and records. These methods include:

  • State-of-the-art scanning technology
  • Expertly trained staff
  • Customizable filing options
  • Easy online access via our web portal
  • Fully secured facilities
  • Access to Corovault, saving you the cost of printing or storing locally

At Corodata, we manage your high-volume imaging as if we have decades of experience — because we do! Our reputation precedes us; we’re well known for our client satisfaction and we aim to keep it that way!