Self Storage Nightmares

If you Google the phrase “self storage break-ins,” the results will leave you with the question: just how safe is my extra space storage? In California alone, a study conducted by CBS 5 showed the amount of break-ins that occurred in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose at self-storage facilities like Public Storage, Extra Space Storage and A-1. Over the course of two years, 27 Public Storage facilities experienced 43 break-ins, 6 Extra Space facilities experienced 6 break-ins, and 5 A-1 Storage facilities experienced 7 break-ins. With such a high number of break-ins happening on a local-level, how could you risk putting your company’s highly confidential information in self storage? Sadly, these statistics are not out of the ordinary. There are businesses experiencing self storage nightmares all over the country.

Got Insurance? You’re Not Covered!

Ana Leon of San Jose, California had $12,000.00 worth of valuables stolen from her Public Storage unit. This was just the beginning of her problems. When she filed an insurance claim, the insurance company and Public Storage responded by asking Ana to provide proof of “forced entry” in order for the claim to be valid. They asked for this proof even though she had a broken lock from the burglary and a police report proving that the theft had occurred, and there had been lots of complaints to the BBB about insurance issues at Public Storage. For months, her insurance company stated that they were investigating the case, although no progress was being made. It wasn’t until Leon contacted CBS 5 Consumer Watch that the insurance company responded to her and started resolving her claim.

Museum Loses Everything

After heavy rains caused a flood in Mankato, The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, The Star Tribune sadly announced that they, “will have to throw out most of its inventory after the stored items were inundated with storm water, museum officials said.” Beautiful pieces of artwork and historical artifacts have been destroyed, and even though the museum has insurance, it did not cover flood or water damage. Had the artwork been stored in plastic containers in a secure facility, all of this could have been avoided; which is one of the many unfortunate details of this unforeseen tragedy.

Public Storage Security Goes Unattended

Last November, Matt Santoro discovered that all of his belongings had been stolen from his Long Beach public storage unit. He was not alone. Amanda Bartlett, who also rented a unit in the same facility told The Long Beach Grunion Gazette, “About 12 robberies had occurred there and nobody told us — we just had to wander in and see…When we questioned the employees about the situation, they had said that weeks prior there were a string of robberies (from multiple units).” Adding insult to injury, management knew that one of their security cameras was broken, and did nothing to fix it; leaving dozens of customers with no way to find or stop the culprits.

Contractor Loses $30,000 in Vital Tools

“A contractor based out of Arcadia is without all of his tools and other items — valued at about $30,000 — after a larceny from a storage site this past month.” The Dispatch reports. Having moved-in with his parents to help them pay their rent, contractor Michael Greene placed table saws, concrete machines, nail guns, and his entire collection of tools into a self-storage facility. He could not afford property insurance, and because of this, he has no way of recovering the tools that helped make his livelihood.

Prevent storage nightmares

Because of poor maintenance, lack of security and safety, negligence, and constant break-ins, self-storage is not a viable option for businesses. Ensure that your data, records, and “extra stuff” are properly stored, managed, and organized with professional records storage services that offer top-level security to avoid these nightmares from happening to you and your business in the future. Here’s your chance to share your self storage nightmares.