Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Protect your business with hard drive shredding that ensures the sensitive data stored on your discarded hard drives can never be accessed. Reformatting or electronically erasing a hard drive is not enough because important financial records, confidential employee information, and internal documents can still be retrieved. Corodata provides physical hard drive and media destruction, both onsite and offsite, which is the only way to completely remove all traces of data from a hard drive and any type of media.

$250,000 HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), commonly referred to as HIPAA, protects the security and privacy of patients and their data. Mobile hard drive destruction services from Corodata ensure that you will never suffer a six-figure penalty for improper onsite hard drive shredding.

A $250,000 fine is levied not for each device breached but for each patient’s data taken from the breach. Major companies could be fined tens of millions of dollars for significant data breaches.

$100,000 GLBA Compliance

Violations of GLBA carry the same penalties, regardless of who you are. You are required to comply with onside hard drive destruction standards every time you dispose of a mass storage device.

Corodata ensures that we comply with all the provisions of the GLBA to protect our corporate clients from liability.

$7,500 CPRA Compliance

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) imposes more restrictions and responsibilities on how companies collect, process, and use personally identifiable information (PII). Your business could fall under the jurisdiction of the CPRA, even if your company is not based in California.

Intentional breaches of CPRA can cost up to $7,500 per violation. Major companies failing to have the proper setup for compliance could potentially be fined millions. Corodata can support you by creating record storage services that comply with the CPRA.

Secure Media Destruction is Simple
HIPAA compliant hard drive destruction need not be complicated nor expensive. Your business has obligations and meeting those obligations begins with a simple call to Corodata. We provide both onsite and offsite hard drive shredding in Orange County for businesses in all sectors. Schedule, recycle, and receive your certificate of destruction for hard drives so you can prove that your business has taken all reasonable steps to protect and secure client data. Establish your onsite hard drive destruction framework early. Don’t take the risk of waiting for something to happen before you focus on secure data destruction. Get in touch with Corodata to schedule your hard drive shredding now.
talk to a media destruction expert

1. Talk to a Media Destruction Expert

Every business is different and the right onsite hard drive destruction technique and service will vary based on the company in question. Our media destruction experts are equipped to identify the needs of your organization and produce tailored plans that enable you to remain compliant with all necessary data protection regulations that apply to you.
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2. Schedule Your Media Destruction Service

Book your appointment at a time to suit you. Our GPS-tracked vehicles will visit your facility to destroy any hardware that needs to be eliminated. We will discuss your needs ahead of time, so the Corodata team is ready and equipped to dispose of your media securely and safely. Electronic media includes:
  • Hard Drives
  • CD’s
  • Back Up Magnetic Tapes
  • Floppy and Zip Discs
  • USB Drives
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3. Recycle the Rest

We’re a certified California Green Company, which means we recycle all customer material to the extent the market permits. Our green initiative commitment to the climate means we’re always searching for new ways to improve our green credentials. From our vans to our multi-pronged recycling program, we remove digital data and reuse the rest for the good of the environment.
Proof of Media Desctruction

4. Receive Certification of Media Destruction

For auditing and compliance purposes, you must be able to produce a certification of media destruction on-demand. As a respected hard disk drive shredding service, we provide a certificate of destruction for hard drives to every client to prove to any regulatory authority that they have achieved full compliance.

Enhanced Privacy Protection for Hard Drives

Corodata Corodata is committed to preserving the confidentiality of your information during every step of the destruction process. Our trained mobile hard drive technicians adhere to strict procedures to ensure the highest level of privacy protection. We surpass industry hiring standards through stringent background checks and drug screening to make certain your media is securely handled and continuously safeguarded. Corodata has also implemented the following for additional client protection:
  • GPS-tracked mobile shredding vehicles
  • Enhanced chain of custody protocol
  • Data destruction best practices
Disclaimer. We are NAID certified for Media Destruction at the following locations: San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Why Is Hard Drive Destruction Important?

Hard drive shredding is critical when disposing of old hardware. Hard drives may contain sensitive information, such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and Social Security numbers. All information can be used to commit identity theft and access customer accounts. Our hard drive shredding services throughout California, including San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles ensures that when you rotate out older mass storage devices, your data is not at risk of a breach. Regulatory frameworks like HIPAA and GLBA stipulate minimum standards and best practices for secure hard drive shredding. Each breach could land your company with six-figure fines, which means a reliable hard disk shredding service is essential for protecting the future of your business. Never attempt to dispose of mass storage devices alone. An investment in media shredding services is an investment in your future and your customers.