One Time Paper & Document Shredding Services

Our one time shredding service is ideal for businesses that need a single clean out of paper documents that have reached their retention. This one time shredding service can be requested once, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annually. There isn’t a minimum box requirement*—we’ll help businesses shred one box or thousands of boxes. That’s just part of Corodata’s California best shredding company policy.

Here is how one time shredding service works

records storage box


Add papers into a secure box or in bins provided by Corodata.

one time shredding service


Corodata picks up and shreds documents onsite or offsite— whichever your preference.

paper recycling


Your shredded documents are then 100% recycled and a certification of destruction is guaranteed.

There are many great reasons to request a one time shredding service


The more you have laying around, the more your company is at risk for data breaches, disorganization, and corporate identity theft.

Documents reach retention

Many documents and records only need to be kept for a set period of time. After that, purge away!

Facility move

A business move is a perfect time to purge documents that are no longer needed. Pro Tip: Use a two-in-one service like the Corodata and Corovan combo. Choose California’s premier shredding and moving companies for your next move.

Annual Cleaning

Your annual cleaning will likely result in documents and paper scraps that will need to discard. It is important to use a professional shredding service to discard of your scraps and paper documents, rather than throw them away, so that all of your confidential information gets properly destroyed.


Corodata is compliant with the National Association for Information Destruction® (NAID®). If you need a one time shredding service, go with a California best shredding company like Corodata to guarantee that your confidential documents are fully destroyed, every time.

*Minimum charges can apply for one time shredding.