Paper Shredding


Protecting sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information is not voluntary. Every business is entrusted with sensitive data and required to guard that information in confidence, dispose of it using a trusted commercial paper shredding service company, and handle it at all times with discretion and care. With average data breach fines running into the millions, a secure and professional document shredding service in California is one of the best ways to protect your company from loss of revenue and fines.

How Document Shredding Services Work

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1. Choose Your Frequency

Request a customized quote for your paper shredding in Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose Bay area. A shredding professional will help you choose the frequency that best suits your needs; one time or scheduled service

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2. Choose Onsite or Offsite Paper Shredding

Corodata offers onsite document shredding services as well as offsite commercial shredding services. We then arrive on your scheduled date to securely destroy your paper documents.

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3. Certificate of Destruction

After each paper shredding service, Corodata provides a Certificate of Destruction to maintain for your records.

Still not sure why you need secure paper shredding?

Protecting sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information is not voluntary. Every business is entrusted with sensitive data and required to guard that information in confidence, dispose of it securely, and handle it at all times with discretion and care. Your business is subject to severe penalties for instances of noncompliance regarding the sensitive handling of information, so don’t take a chance.  

$1.5 Million HIPAA Fines

That’s the maximum annual penalty of Criminal, or willful violations of HIPAA. Handled by the DOJ, and can be punished by up to 10 years imprisonment. In the case of a Healthcare provider, HIPAA violations can lead to exclusion from the Medicare Program, in addition to all other applicable penalties. This makes HIPAA compliant document shredding in Los Angeles critical and essential for all healthcare providers.


California Civil Code Sec 1798.81

Businesses shall take all reasonable steps to dispose, or arrange for the disposal, of customer records within its custody or control containing personal information when the records are no longer to be retained by the business by shredding.


$100,000 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

That’s the penalty for each violation of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).


$1,000 FACTA

That’s for each individual FATCA violation.

Why Work With a Secure Document Shredding Expert?

Corodata is committed to preserving the confidentiality of your information during every step of the destruction process. Our trained mobile shredding technicians adhere to strict procedures to ensure the highest level of privacy protection. We surpass industry hiring-standards through stringent background checks and drug screening to make certain your media is securely handled and continuously safeguarded. Corodata has also implemented the following for additional client protection:
  • GPS-tracked mobile shredding vehicles
  • Enhanced chain of custody protocol
  • Data destruction best practices

Time Saver

Forget the days of paper shredding and feeding it one by one. Simply drop files in your office shredding bin on the way to your next cup of coffee. Voila–responsible disposal and industry compliance, all at once.

Secure document shredding services from Corodata allow you to save time and effort. We offer on-site document shredding services using our fast and efficient shredding machines. Stop using the conventional office shredder and invest in professional paper shredding in San Diego.

Our team can come to your place of work or home office to save you the time and expense of transporting documents to be shredded. We offer paper shredding services in San Diego, San Jose, Orange County, San Francisco, and more.

Save time, save hassle, and guarantee secure disposal of your documents with Corodata now.

Protection Against Breaches

Your data is at risk.

By far, accidents are the largest cause of breaches. If you don’t make it easy and convenient, they are bound to occur. Don’t pile—shred and protect!

Document shredding is about so much more than ripping up pages and hoping for the best. There are specific protocols that must be followed when disposing of documents.

Corodata ensures that all the proper protocols are followed when delivering on-site and offsite document shredding in San Diego.

Commercial document shredding services reduce the risk of data breaches occurring due to improperly shredded documents. Hackers and thieves are adept at harvesting data from shredded documents left in the trash, but with Corodata you protect your business from harm.

Don’t expose your businesses to data breaches and regulatory penalties, contact Corodata for secure paper shredding services now.

Identity Theft Prevention

Corporate identity theft rates are rising. Any document with personally identifiable information poses a potential security risk for your business and its employees. All it takes is one lazy toss of a file into a recycle bin, trash can or dumpster to create a heap of exposure—and, even worse, legal consequences—for your company.

Even the smallest pieces of information can be used to build up a profile of an employee, which may be subsequently used to commit identity theft. Impersonating high-level executives, managers, or individual employees could cost your company millions.

Corodata secure document shredding secure your documents once they have reached the retention by disposing of them in a way that eliminates the potential for your personal and corporate data to be harvested.

By going above and beyond the minimum standard required for the average paper shredding service in California, we protect businesses from the scourge of company identity theft.

We’re also NAID Certified

Corodata has been awarded NAID certification for plant-based and mobile document destruction, as well as hard drive and electronic media destruction. NAID, the standard-setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program.