Scheduled Shredding Service in California

Corodata’s scheduled shredding service provides organizations the utmost convenient and secure way to dispose of important information. Corodata will work with you to create a custom security plan with a regular shredding service that best meets your needs.

How our scheduled shredding service works

Our scheduled paper shredding services are simple to take advantage of. Just call us and we will work out a schedule that suits you. Our environmentally-friendly shred bins will ensure the convenient disposal of your documents quickly and securely.

You are free to witness the destruction of your sensitive documents to give you peace of mind. Plus, we will even provide you with the certification of destruction you need to pass any audit or fight any lawsuit. Discover why thousands of businesses rely on us with a regularly scheduled shredding service to protect their security and ensure full compliance with current regulatory frameworks on document disposal.

Here’s how our scheduled shredding works to provide the utmost convenience and efficiency.


Shredding Bins


Choose Your Mix of Shred Bins

Together, we’ll develop a custom mix of shred bins based on your users’ needs and the layout of the facility. Corodata offers locked receptacles that provide a time-saving method for disposing of sensitive documents.

Scheduled Shredding Frequency


Choose your scheduled shredding frequency

Whether you require a weekly or monthly scheduled shredding service, we’ll make it happen. On a scheduled basis, an insured document destruction team removes the contents of the bin and shreds all paper.

Witness Shredding


Tell Us If You Want to Witness

Your documents will only be handled by Corodata’s background-checked, insured document destruction team members.

On-site/Mobile Document Shredding

Have one of Corodata’s shred experts come to you with our shred truck schedule, along with all the shredding material you will need. You can witness the destruction of your company’s documents from the convenience of your office.

Off-site Paper Shredding

Corodata will pick up all of your documents for destruction and take them back to Corodata’s shred center. As your offsite shredding authority, Corodata utilizes time-tested practices that ensure the highest level of privacy protection for your confidential documents.



Receive Certification of Destruction

Every company runs the risk of being audited. You will be required to produce a certification of destruction to demonstrate that you utilized a professional service licensed to deliver scheduled document shredding.

If faced with a surprise audit or you find yourself fighting a lawsuit, your certificate of destruction demonstrates that you took all the necessary steps to ensure compliance with secure document disposal standards.

You will receive a unique certification of destruction to keep on file each time we visit as part of your shred schedule. Your Certificate of Destruction serves as proof of compliance in any audit or lawsuit. This benefit alone justifies throwing away the shredders in the office and signing up for protected and secure scheduled shredding services.

We’re also NAID Certified

Corodata has been awarded NAID certification for plant based and mobile document destruction, as well as hard drive and electronic media destruction. NAID, the standard setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program. Our awarded NAID certification demonstrates the steps we take to ensure not only basic compliance but how we go beyond the minimum standards.
Disposal of sensitive documents is vital for protecting the data of your customers and for preventing identity theft. Commercial paper shredding from Corodata provides you with a uniquely tailored and scheduled shredding service plan that enables you to remain compliant with all applicable data protection and security laws.

Develop your secure shred schedule with the help of a Corodata document destruction expert and ensure that your sensitive documents are destroyed on schedule and with the highest level of care. Routine destruction of sensitive documents via a comprehensive shredding paper schedule reduces your risk and potential liability. Work with Corodata to create your customized security plan now.