Secure Shred Bins and Consoles

We provide a variety of locked shred bins and consoles that provide a secure repository for confidential documents and files. We come on a prearranged basis to rotate out this equipment and remove the materials.


32 Gallon Executive Locking Shred Bins

Designed to blend in among the cubes, in the hallways, lobby, or inside an executive office, these consoles save enormous amounts of time eliminating risks. Affordable enough to place throughout an office, those pesky personal shredders should be a thing of the past. Delivered in Grey. Capacity: 75 lbs

The Private Mini Shred Bin: The Safer Alternative to Your Personal Shredder

About the size of a standard box, this container is perfect for people who are too busy to leave their desk, but still need to secure their confidential information. This locking unit quietly protects your data, saving time and cutting out the noise. Capacity: 30 lbs


64 Gallon Rolling, Locking Shred Bins

This facility workhorse is perfect for the mail room, or for large projects and purges. It features a tamper evident lock on the top alongside the secure deposit slot which prevents retrieval once material is inside. Available in Grey. Capacity: 250 lbs
96 Gallon Shred Bins

96 Gallon Shred Bins

Oversized bin for large company purges and high capacity special projects. Available in Grey. Capacity: 300 lbs