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Five steps to protect your business from data leaks

Five steps to protect your business from data leaks

In the predawn hours of June 30th, a burglar broke into a San Francisco dental office (twice within 3 hours!). He made off with some cash, several thousand dollars’ worth of equipment and a tablet computer.

Do’s & Dont’s For Electronic Media Storage And Rotation

Dos And Don’ts of Proper Electronic Media Storage And Rotation Successfully managing the modern world of risk means that vital information must be protected and accessible at a moment’s notice. Use the following dos and don’ts as a planning guide for electronic media storage.

The Truth About Data Breaches

A recent report in the New York Times indicates that the data breach which occurred at Target last year ultimately cost the company around $148 million. The story made headlines in part because so many average consumers shop at Target, many of which didn’t even think it was possible for their information to be compromised in […]

Reasons for Data Recovery

Is storing data in the cloud your best option?

With last week’s Dreamforce conference, the cloud computing industry event of the year, the buzz about the cloud is in the air. Many business and IT professionals flocked to Dreamforce to evaluate new cloud computing software and to obtain some guidance on distinguishing one solution from another By definition, the cloud is merely a fancy […]