The Benefits Of Data Recovery Services in San Diego

There’s no denying the potential impact a natural disaster could have on your business. According to Unitrends, 94% of companies that suffer from catastrophic data loss wind up closing their doors for good. While the threat of earthquakes here in San Diego is very real, to implement a disaster recovery and data protection plan solely on natural disasters is short-sighted. Data loss can result from any number of smaller-scale events that solely affect your business, such as:
  • hardware or operating system failure
  • accidental deletion
  • physical damage to storage media
  • broken fire sprinkler heads
  • theft

The reason so many businesses fail to recover from data loss is directly tied to their inability to restore critical information in a timely manner. Considering that reliable access to contracts, orders and operational files is critical for servicing your clients, it’s no wonder. That’s why the more you’re able to reduce costly downtime while restoring data, the more likely your business can survive any type of data loss incident.

Redundancy is key

Your data recovery capabilities should take into consideration the wide range of scenarios that may impact access to your digital information—from a server crash to a flooded office. The first step is backup. Yet any backup strategy should provide redundant measures for ensuring minimal business interruption in the event of a disaster.

Online backup and recovery

A managed cloud solution allows for critical data to be automatically backed up on a regular basis without the need to invest in additional software or hardware. Your data is deduplicated, compressed, encrypted, and then transmitted to a vault within a data center. In the event of information loss, critical information can be easily recovered and deployed through the internet. Online backup offers the following benefits:
  • broad platform and application support
  • online backup monitoring
  • multiple server, desktop and laptop configurations

Offsite data storage

While online backup and recovery offers economical and efficient management of your critical business data, it is dependent on internet connectivity. A regional natural disaster such as hurricane Sandy may result in an inability to restore data online. And if web traffic is at a peak, it may take longer to recover your information. As a result, it’s critical to also have an offline, local vault solution. Storing backup media and a secure offsite location enables for critical data to be protected against physical damage from a natural disaster and quickly deployed to a designated hot site. A specialized vault facility designed specifically for media storage provides the following advantages:
  • climate-controlled protection
  • barcode tracking and management
  • regulatory compliance
  • long-term preservation
  • privacy protection

As with a cloud managed solution, offsite physical solutions allow for data to be quickly be deployed and restored in order to meet business continuity objectives.

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