Three Ways Outsourcing Lessens Your Workload and Saves Time

Sure you know how to do everything yourself, but there are many ways that outsourcing can help your organization. Discover the most common reasons Corodata’s clients outsource their information management workload.


Variable Tasks

Firms can hire, train, provide benefits like insurance and vacation time, and then eventually fire or have an employee retire and then rehire, retrain, and on and on. If these individuals are part of your group’s core competency or provide the firm with a competitive advantage, then by all means – keep this in house. But, if the service is ancillary to your mission, hard to fit into the culture of the rest of the team, or too expensive to justify each and every day (including days off)—trust an expert to manage these variable tasks off-site and be available only when you need it.


Specialized Service or Training

Companies today concentrate more and more on as little as possible to retain a laser-like focus on exactly what pays the bills or builds value. To have fewer employees means more flexibility, and partnering with services can provide greater response times and higher levels of growth. In the case of Information Management, there are many days that go by that require little to no assistance. So it’s not necessary to keep that expertise or expense in house and certainly not expertise but when you need it – creating a partnership with information management experts will deliver expertise at just the right time.


Access to Cost Prohibitive Resources

In some circumstances, groups simply cannot afford the equipment, facility, or technology they need on their own. In this case, firms need to find true “partners” either to subcontract or supply these resources. Entire business models are based on this principle, such as Software as a Service companies, while others, like Corodata’s secure and climate controlled environments, are available on a small scale to many clients who collectively receive the benefit of a large, expensive investment.

Outsourcing to experts who have invested in their trade is a very smart way to stay focused on what you do best. To start saving money and time, as well as reducing risks for your Information Management & Security interests, contact Corodata today

Taking Control of Inactive Records with Corodata

Properly labeling and tracking inactive files, and moving them safely offsite, can save your company space, time and money; remove the threat of losing documents; providing easy retrieval of files when needed, and set your reputation as a secure company.

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