Top 10 Reasons To Use A Records Center

Records are information assets that can hold great value for your organizations but also pose several risks. Record Storage plays an important role in protecting the future of the organization and its stakeholders. Here are the top ten reasons to move inactive records to an off-site facility:


Protects Your Company

Prepares for an emergency and guards against prying eyes and disgruntled employees.


Protects Your Employees

Safeguards HR information and guards against misuse of sensitive information.


Protects Your Clients, Patients, and Customers

Demonstrates a high level of professional care by protecting their vital information.


Saves You Time

Makes your files accessible at a moment’s notice via the web, email, FAX or telephone, thanks to proven indexing and software systems.


Saves You Money

Can be 80% less costly than renting more office space.


Safeguards Your Information Assests

Maintains the organization’s duty to all stakeholders to ensure that information is retrievable, authentic and accurate.


Aligns You With Business Best Practices

Enables your organization to create systems, policies, and procedures that have been vetted by records management professionals.


Helps You Comply with Laws and Regulations

Off-site record storage is often a part of compliance with current laws including Privacy Act of 1974, Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA), eDiscovery, and more.


Helps You Manage Risk

Assists you in managing your Record Storage needs through the demands of regulations and the threat of litigation and E-Discovery.


Preserves Your Oganizational Identity and History

Helps identify vital records and establish guidelines to maintain documentation of the organization’s strategic decisions, research and development, and legal compliance.

Did you know?

Civil penalties under FACTA alone may be $1,000 per consumer impacted. Use of a professional Records Management Company may help show that you are diligent in protecting confidential information.

How to compare

Make sure the Record Storage professionals helping you are rigorously screened, monitored and trained. At Corodata, we make sure our people:
  • Are background checked
  • Are pre-employment drug tested
  • Have their DMV license reports monitored
  • Agree to substance abuse policy
  • Agree to confidentiality agreement
  • Agree to sexual harassment policy
  • Wear photo ID badges
  • Are trained in safety and security
  • Receive random drug testing (drivers)
  • Are involved in weekly training to improve facets of the process

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