Top 10 Reasons To Use A Records Center

Records are information assets that can hold great value for your organizations but also pose several risks. Record Storage plays an important role in protecting the future of the organization and its stakeholders. Here are the top ten reasons to move inactive records to an off-site facility:


Enhanced Security

A records center ensures that important documents are secure from unauthorized access or tampering. The facilities used by most records centers come with high levels of security, including restricted access points and 24-hour surveillance systems that help prevent against theft or vandalism. Additionally, digital document management systems utilized by many records centers also provide additional levels of encryption and data protection measures to further protect information from unauthorized access or manipulation.


Improved Efficiency

With a records center, documents are easily accessible and retrievable at any time. Records centers provide an organized system for storing important documents, making it easier to locate what you need when you need it without having to search through large piles of paperwork or multiple filing cabinets. Additionally, automation technology utilized by many records centers can significantly reduce the amount of time that would otherwise be needed to manually process documents.


Controlled Access

Records centers typically have strict controls over who is able to access certain documents within the facility which helps ensure proper protocols are followed when accessing sensitive material or confidential information. Additionally, automated systems implemented by some records centers allow administrators to set specific access permissions for different users ensuring only the necessary personnel have access to certain files while still providing efficient retrieval capabilities when needed.


Space Reduction

By utilizing a records center service instead of storing your own physical documents onsite, there is no need for dedicated storage areas or extra space for file cabinets and other document management supplies that often take up valuable real estate in offices or warehouses.


Cost Savings

Using a records center can greatly reduce the costs associated with storing and organizing physical documents, such as paper filing, file cabinets, and storage space. This cost savings can be especially significant in larger organizations where document storage is a major expense. Can be 80% less costly than renting more office space.


Comprehensive Auditing & Reporting Capabilities

Records centers offer comprehensive auditing tools that allow administrators to track all activities related to their stored files in order to ensure compliance with internal policies as well as external regulations when necessary such as GDPR requirements in Europe or HIPAA requirements in the United States for medical data privacy compliance purposes . These audit reports can also help organizations quickly identify any issues with their existing system and address them before they become problematic in order to maintain efficiency and accuracy during document retrieval processes .


Disaster Recovery Planning

Document destruction caused by natural disasters such as floods , fire , etc., can potentially lead to legal liability if key documentation is lost . By utilizing a secure off-site facility, businesses are able to minimize these risks while still being able to retrieve any critical documentation if needed by leveraging the efficient retrieval mechanisms available through most modern records centers .


Helps You Comply with Laws and Regulations

Off-site record storage is often a part of compliance with current laws including Privacy Act of 1974, Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA), eDiscovery, and more.


Ease Of Use

Documents stored at a records center are easy to find due its organized structure , thus saving time spent hunting for specific data items compared with manual filing methods. Plus , the automated processes employed often provide quick results – meaning faster turnaround times for critical requests compared with traditional paper filing systems .


Professionalism & Reputation

Utilizing an established service provider demonstrates professionalism on behalf of your business – showing customers and partners alike that you take security seriously and are willing invest resources into keeping their private information safe from prying eyes, enhancing your reputation among them and increasing customer trustworthiness among all stakeholders involved.

Did you know?

Civil penalties under FACTA alone may be $1,000 per consumer impacted. Use of a professional Records Management Company may help show that you are diligent in protecting confidential information.

How to compare

Make sure the Record Storage professionals helping you are rigorously screened, monitored and trained. At Corodata, we make sure our people:
  • Are background checked
  • Are pre-employment drug tested
  • Have their DMV license reports monitored
  • Agree to substance abuse policy
  • Agree to confidentiality agreement
  • Agree to sexual harassment policy
  • Wear photo ID badges
  • Are trained in safety and security
  • Receive random drug testing (drivers)
  • Are involved in weekly training to improve facets of the process

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