Top 4 Records Management Takeaways for 2013

As the year comes to a close, and you are forecasting and budgeting for the new year, we wanted to pass along, what we think, are 2013’s top takeaways about records management.

Takeaway #1 Find files faster with an active records storage process Just because your organization needs access to files doesn’t mean that they can’t be stored offsite. You need files quickly, but not necessarily close. When you store your active files offsite, your office can take up a smaller footprint, which can save you money—and makes your records system even more cost effective.

Takeaway #2: Every company needs a good records management system Regardless of size, properly stored records add intrinsic value to your organization. Every member of your staff is a potential “record creator,” and this leads to the need for Records Information Management (RIM). Larger companies may employ a certified records manager, but the smallest and even virtual firms need a good system of records management. And if that responsibility falls to you, do you know the steps to follow? In this article we covered the five procedures that every records manager should follow, no matter the size of your organization.

Takeaway #3: Free up that office space & time for more profitable uses The space in your office that is being used for files and the time it takes to sort, stack and restack could be put to better use! With the time and space sent on sorting, it might not be worth it to keep documents on site. An off-site records center is designed for affordable space and quick, “at your fingertip” access. Keep track of the time that is spent on sorting, and then consider other options for using that time and space spent on storage.

Takeaway #4: Clutter causes lost time and missed deadlines We have discussed eight easy ways to a more organized desk and these steps will help you reduce the clutter and restore efficiency to your workplace. From taking an inventory of your current desk space to handling documents all at once, developing a system for dealing with clutter on your desk is essential to staying productive. Next: Get started with off-site records storage