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Know your legal responsibilities during Open Enrollment

Know your legal responsibilities during Open Enrollment

The 2016 health insurance open enrollment period is happening right now. Open Enrollment means that pretty much everyone’s personal information is in circulation. You and your employees are legally responsible for keeping that information confidential.
HIPAA Violation Horrors

HIPAA Violation Horrors

HIPAA compliance is hard work! It requires storing your physical and digital files securely, having a designated person responsible for HIPAA compliance in your office, and doing your due diligence to make sure that personal files are not easily accessible by anyone in your office. If you’re not compliant, however, the cost could be your […]
HIPAA for the Rest of Us: 3 Takeaways for Any Business

HIPAA for the Rest of Us: 3 Takeaways for Any Business

It’s a standard feature of health care today: Your signature on a HIPAA form. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (as it’s known officially) ensures that health care providers will safeguard your personal and medical information in accordance with federal regulations.

4 Things You Can Do At Work To Prevent ID Theft

Don’t Use Social Security Numbers While most operations have stopped referring to employees, patients, and clients by their Social Security Number all together; these most valuable digits are still required on many forms, sitting in lots of files, entered into many databases or otherwise exposed. If you need this information, get it once, put it […]

10 Must-Ask Questions For Healthcare

Hurricane Katrina changed the thinking of many medical offices and healthcare facility’s about Record Storage needs. According to the American Health Information Management Association, there are certain medical Record Storage issues that healthcare organizations should take into account to secure paper-based and digital data records:

10 Must-Ask Questions For Financial, Insurance and Real Estate

10 Must-Ask Records Storage Questions For Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate Firms 1. Have you written a records retention policy so employees won’t have to guess whether a file with financial data needs to be stored or destroyed? This should include loan application forms, client files, insurance claims forms and financial records, as well […]

10 Must-Ask Questions For Law Firms

10 Must-Ask Records Storage Questions For Law Firms For law firms, there are important considerations for protecting and storing paper records as well as those for electronic records. While paper documents might not deteriorate as quickly as the data on compact discs or magnetic tapes, there are still some vital points to keep in mind. […]

Get up to speed on HIPAA compliance for 2015

On October 31, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) released its 2015 Work Plan . While the scope of the Work Plan is broad, you should know about several areas of special attention, related to HIPAA enforcement, which in recent years has become far more pro-active and aggressive.

Do’s & Dont’s For Electronic Media Storage And Rotation

Dos And Don’ts of Proper Electronic Media Storage And Rotation Successfully managing the modern world of risk means that vital information must be protected and accessible at a moment’s notice. Use the following dos and don’ts as a planning guide for electronic media storage.

Do’s & Dont’s For Shredding

What you need to know about Proper Document Shredding Crimes such as identity theft, business espionage and financial fraud are on the rise. To protect personal and sensitive information pertaining to your business, in-house or off-site document shredding is a must. Consider these dos and don’ts.