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Tape Storage: It’s still here, and it’s better than ever

Tape Storage: It’s still here, and it’s better than ever

Experts keep ringing the death bell for tape storage. But this simple, inexpensive and dependable storage solution refuses to die. Some experts are even saying tape storage is more valuable now than ever.This tried-and-true technology can solve many of your most modern information management problems. It is low-priced, environmentally friendly and almost entirely immune to […]
Three Data Management Must-Dos

Three Data Management Must-Dos

Let’s face it: 2017 is turning out to be a very unpredictable year. A year when external forces like California floods along with mudslides, and the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Agency (SFMTA) system hacker scanning for year-old Java vulnerability are bringing some unknowns into the business world, and yes, even data management. These are all […]

4 Things You Can Do At Work To Prevent ID Theft

Don’t Use Social Security Numbers While most operations have stopped referring to employees, patients, and clients by their Social Security Number all together; these most valuable digits are still required on many forms, sitting in lots of files, entered into many databases or otherwise exposed. If you need this information, get it once, put it […]

Is Your Data Fully Protected with the Cloud or DIY Storage?

The cloud seems like such an easy solution for media storage and backup. But reliable business continuity planning advises dual back-up storage, for both digital and physical media. Why? Full bare-metal restores of wiped out servers just can’t be done effectively over the web, regardless of pipe size – which is why cloud providers all […]

Don’t Let Disaster Strike. Protect and Manage Your Documents.

First in a three-part series: What is Records Management? In this three-part series we outline significant features of records management: Protection, Lifecycle and Business Strength. Who would have thought that Winnie-the-Pooh would wind up in court trying to explain his way around shoddy record management? Well, it wasn’t exactly Pooh himself, but his expensive lawyers […]

Is storing data in the cloud your best option?

With last week’s Dreamforce conference, the cloud computing industry event of the year, the buzz about the cloud is in the air. Many business and IT professionals flocked to Dreamforce to evaluate new cloud computing software and to obtain some guidance on distinguishing one solution from another By definition, the cloud is merely a fancy […]

‘Tis the (Identity Stealing) Season – Watch Out!

Riding shotgun alongside the huge increase in shopping (both online and in stores), the crazy schedules many keep, and the increased communication between friends and family is one major hassle that no one deserves – to have your identity stolen. The identity thieves are keenly aware of how our behavior changes, when our guard is […]

Wake up—HIPAA enforcement is (really) happening.

It’s no secret that HIPAA compliance enforcement has always been soft. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has pretty much allowed covered entities to be self-policing, reporting breaches voluntarily. But that’s about to change in a major way, with major consequences for your organization. 9,100 red flags Last year the OCR expected to receive from […]