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Topic: Records Management 101

Chain of Custody is a BIG Deal

Chain of Custody is a BIG Deal

Keep an ironclad eye on your business records with this important process. After 20 years, the O.J. Simpson murder trial is back in the news, thanks to the compelling FX American Crime Story miniseries and the ESPN documentary, “O.J.”. One key learning: The defense successfully used tainted evidence from the crime scene to cast doubt […]
The File Clerk is Dead. Long Live the Records Manager.

The File Clerk is Dead. Long Live the Records Manager.

Remember the busy file clerk? Buzzing from desk to desk, pushing a folder-laden cart, dropping off and picking up files, then retreating to some remote, undisclosed location where the files lived—and where you never had to go.

Top 10 Records Management Mistakes

Your office’s records represent a significant investment in time and resources. These records can be a key tool in protecting your organization’s liability in a variety of functional areas and provide an essential audit trail. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid:

10 Must-Ask Questions For Financial, Insurance and Real Estate

10 Must-Ask Records Storage Questions For Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate Firms 1. Have you written a records retention policy so employees won’t have to guess whether a file with financial data needs to be stored or destroyed? This should include loan application forms, client files, insurance claims forms and financial records, as well […]

10 Must-Ask Questions For Law Firms

10 Must-Ask Records Storage Questions For Law Firms For law firms, there are important considerations for protecting and storing paper records as well as those for electronic records. While paper documents might not deteriorate as quickly as the data on compact discs or magnetic tapes, there are still some vital points to keep in mind. […]

Do’s & Dont’s For Shredding

What you need to know about Proper Document Shredding Crimes such as identity theft, business espionage and financial fraud are on the rise. To protect personal and sensitive information pertaining to your business, in-house or off-site document shredding is a must. Consider these dos and don’ts.

Business Records Retention Guidelines

As Records Storage Industry leaders, many of our clients ask us for help in the preparation of a Retention Schedule for their files. We have prepared this guideline, but offer it only as a starting point to be confirmed and tested by your accountants and lawyers. When it comes to compliance with legislation and the […]

Records Management: Things Every Small Business Owner Must Do

Did you know that small businesses make up 2/3 of US businesses? Small businesses are the lifeline of the US economy. That’s why the U.S. recognizes America’s small business owners each year with National Small Business Week. At Corodata, we hope that your small business continues to grow and prosper in 2014. One of the […]

3 Situations where an Audit Trail Can Help

When a information is moved, do you know where it’s going and where it’s been? With an independent 3rd party audit trail, simply defined as a record of the comings and goings of a carton or file provided by an offsite storage vendor, like Corodata, you can prove you did the right thing and track […]

Sensible Records Management Promotes Business Strength, Too

Third of three-part series: What is Records Management? In this three-part series we outline significant features of records management: Protection, Lifecycle and Business Strength. Many businesses view records management as a necessary evil ─ something that happens as an aside while conducting “real” business. As it turns out, effective records management has a positive influence […]