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Everything You Need to Know About Going Paperless

Everything You Need to Know About Going Paperless

Companies looking for more robust and responsive record-keeping systems should strike a balance between paper and digital, and find a true “sweet spot” with going paperless.

Sue, the Office Hero

Four Reasons To Scan Your Archives

Scanning is one of the hottest topics in the information management world. Bosses want it, staff members struggle to get it done, copy machines claim to be up for the job, but the verdict almost universally ends up that it is simply too expensive to scan archives—with only four little exceptions. 1. Records are Retained […]

Is Scanning Archives Really More Green Than Keeping Paper?

We have been peppered with messages about paper wiping the earth of its trees for years, and trained to feel guilty about keeping paper around. However, there is a lesser-publicized point of view—where back scanning of archived paper is actually much harder on the environment. Read on for a great green debate on the topic […]