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IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management

Malware, ransomware, natural disasters; the threats to your network are growing daily. Developing an IT risk management plan can mean the difference between the smooth continuation of business and total collapse. Review these 3 tips to learn how you can proactively protect your business against these mounting dangers. What is IT Risk Management? IT Risk […]
The New Role of Information Managers

The New Role of Information Managers

Find out how information management and security have morphed. Keeping track of thousands of records, both paper and online, has become an increasingly overwhelming burden for information managers. Not just for you and everyone you know: Even the executives at Sony Pictures Entertainment weren’t above being the targets of a major hacker attack that served […]

How to Manage Tax Related Documents Securely

Tax day (April 15, 2014) is upon us. With less than two months until we need to pay up, there are three important questions you should be asking yourself about the security of your client’s financial data: How long are you storing your files? Are you shredding paper records securely? Is cloud storage really a […]

Why Security Makes the Difference in Records Management

If you’re storing your documents onsite or in a public facility, are you sure your files are really secure? Anyone can store in a box – but true records management governance gives you the peace of mind and security in knowing that your records are safe and follow strict policies, procedures, and processes. Placing your documents […]