How to use box storage for a clean slate at work

For most people, a new year means getting organized at home and trying to adopt a new routine for their own betterment. But, more often than not, maintaining a spick-and-span workspace and managing files falls wayside to these personal priorities, and it really shouldn’t. Why, you ask? Just think about it: a clean workspace and file cabinet can provide a clean slate to transform one’s mentality to become more productive, streamlined, efficient and even happier.

Benefits of a Clean Slate

According to Michelle Rafter, the process of managing files into a neatly organized system can impact you in a variety of unexpected ways—from making you feel less stressed at work to even facilitating you becoming more creative. As Rafter accurately puts it: “Have you ever picked up a business card or brochure and thought, ‘That’d make a great story?’ only to come back to the office, toss it in a pile and forget it in the course of daily business? Sifting through piles brings those story ideas back to the surface.” Perhaps you think your messy desk and over-stuffed file cabinet is inevitable given your profession, but this is a state of mind that just leads to more chaos. For most of us, a messy workspace can cause nagging guilt, which can weigh down on you.

What to Store

You’re probably wondering, “If it benefits our general wellbeing, then why does a clean workspace managing files seem so daunting?” That’s because it is easy to become overwhelmed when staring at a stockpiled, unkempt mess. It’s for this very reason that boxes and storage solutions are your knight in shining armor. Regardless of your field—and organizational habits—a clean workspace and efficiently managing files should be a goal to strive for throughout the year. With Offsite Records Storage, the sky is the limit for what can be stored and accessed whenever you need them:
  • CPA files
  • Human Resource files
  • Accounting files
  • Architecture planning
  • Building files
  • Historical items
  • Evidence, legal and patent
  Don’t just think you should store inactive files, too. With active record storage, you can save precious office space by letting us index, store and manage your files. And when you need them, you can request them over the phone, by fax or through our web portal—It’s that easy!

Wiping the Slate Clean

Now that you have an idea of what you can put away, it’s time to jump into the messiest task of all: setting up a system to appropriately manage files. There’s no real science to achieving a clean slate, you just need to be methodical when you’re building your organizational system. To make it easier for anyone wanting to get organized, the business news publication, Entrepreneur, recently published “5 Insanely Simple Ways to Banish Your Messy Desk Forever:”
  • Think of your drawers as a hierarchy of importance
  • Keep only what you need
  • Get rid of the in/outbox
  • Routinely purge your papers (shred papers)
  • Use color cues

Start Your Clean Slate Now

What better time than now to start making sure your year is shipshape for the entire year—not just the beginning? Find out more about our Professional Records Storage and Management and our annual box sales.

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