Year in Review: 3 To-Do Lists — Done!

As we say goodbye to this year, and plan for the next, we’ve written 3 “done” lists, with 38 things total that we’ve completed as part of our commitment to keeping your documents safe. Use these 2016 records management guidelines to help you plan for the year ahead.

6 big things we did in 2016

Last year alone, Corodata helped keep California businesses informed on records governance, aware of retention and security, and exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction. Take a look. In 2016, Corodata…
Recycled 95,135 lbs. of paper, saving 5,588 trees
Received a glowing 9.9 out of 10 rating in customer satisfaction surveys
Hosted 52 client portal webinars, 12 data protection tours, and 15 shred days
Participated at 22 conferences on records management around the U.S.
Launched our first podcast with record management pro Helen Streck, CEO of Kaizen InfoSource
Published 12 articles educating our audience about records retention, shredding, storage, security, laws, and overall management

12 FileTips articles from our blog

In case you missed them, here’s the list of Corodata’s super helpful, super easy to follow tips on how to keep your data safe and organized. January: 7 Document Storage Essentials for Every Company Use this checklist to see where you’re winning, and where you need to catch up.
February: 2016 Information Governance Trends Learn about the top three information governance industry trends that affect how and where you store records in 2016.
March: California Updates Its Data Breach Notification Law 657 data breaches reported in California over the past four years has led to a data breach notification law update.
April: Spreading the Shredding: 3 tools to help CA businesses keep data safe Corodata’s “shred awareness” campaign arms California businesses, like yours, with tools to keep data safe.
May: 3 Guidelines for Record Management Nirvana Managing your records is a huge job. Here’s how you can cut it down to size, with a little help from Corodata.
June: Chain of Custody is a BIG Deal Keep an ironclad eye on your business records with this important chain of custody process.
July: The New Role of Information Managers Find out how information management and security have morphed.
August: Helen Streck of Kaizen InfoSource on Retention Schedules [Podcast] Get the 3 most important elements of a retention schedule from Helen Streck, CEO of Kaizen Infosource.
September: Record Retention Laws: Litigation Happens. Here’s help. What’s one of the most compelling reasons to create a retention schedule and stick to it? The law.
October: Record Retention: Big Tips for Small Businesses Find out why it’s important for even small-sized businesses to stay on top of record retention schedules.
November: 7-step employee training guide for record retention awareness Your employees don’t know about your records retention schedule (but they could).

20 Revived from the archives

For the first time, we’re also sharing a list of our most popular blog posts. These are articles that continue to be a part of the most read list year after year. As you can see, 2016 was a great year. We’re looking forward to an even better 2017. As you think about your own Year in Review, and look to the year ahead, remember that Corodata is here to help you with all your records management needs. Let us know what we can do for you. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.