Biotech & Pharma Industry served in California by Corodata


In the Biotech/Pharma Race to the Top, Security & Compliance RULE THE DAY!

Biotech & Pharma IndustryThe Biotech/Pharma industry is a fiercely competitive, dog-eat-dog race to be FIRST—first to develop new products/technologies, first to patent them, and first to get them to market. Innovation and creativity are your competitive advantages, and breakthroughs are your stock-in-trade. You invest substantial resources to develop cutting edge, innovative solutions, but if your secrets aren’t safe, your competitors will steal your ideas and eat your lunch (and dinner too, if they get the chance)! You only get to reap the financial rewards you’ve worked so hard for and invested so much in if your proprietary formulas, patented processes and trade secrets are protected THROUGHOUT the development process. That means ALL of your records, including research, formulas, protocols, ingredients, suppliers, testing procedures/results, lab reports and quality control documentation MUST be secure. Your success and the survival of your business depend on it. Life Science is all about compliance – with protocol, regulations, FDA, grants and so much more. Impeccable, organized and accessable records are a must have. When they come asking for proof of compliance, you will want to be calling Corodata.

You can count on us!

At Corodata, we understand your intellectual property and internal documentation are the keys to your success, and we protect your critical data as vigorously as if it were our own. We have a few proprietary processes of our own, specifically designed to shield your information from any unauthorized access and keep it from ALL prying eyes, even ours! Our security arsenal includes: Fully-secured modern storage facilities that are engineered for protection, regularly maintained and frequently inspected to ensure full compliance with our stringent security standards. The latest video surveillance and digital security technology, including 24/7 monitoring, auto-locking doors, secure remote access, keyless entry, and fire/smoke and intrusion detection alarms that are continuously monitored State-of-the-art technology that allows us to pinpoint and track the location of all of your records real-time, from our facility to yours and back when they are in transit Fully-vetted and background-checked employees who are hand-selected for their dedication to security and customer satisfaction, continuously trained on the most current security-related best practices, and carefully monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Our Secret Ingredient: Responsive, Personal Service

Our customers come to us for our world-class security and resources, but they stay with us because of our stellar service. Whatever you need, you can request whenever and however it works best for you—by phone, fax, email or in-person– and we will handle your requests on your schedule, not ours. So records retrieval and delivery happens when and how YOU want it, not when it’s convenient for us. Our customer-centric approach is what our customers tell us sets us apart from any other vendor, and that’s something that will never change. You will have the same people handling your needs, so we’ll do it right the first time, every time.

Security + Compliance + Service + Value = The Formula for Records Management Success

You CAN have the security you need and the service you deserve at a cost-effective rate! We leverage our technology and economies of scale so you’ll enjoy world-class security and compliance tools, top-notch service with our signature personal touch AND great value! Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect not just your sensitive data, but also your bottom line.