Data Protection lunch and learn

Want to learn more and educate your employees about the steps that you can take to better protect your data?

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You can schedule a complimentary Data Protection lunch and learn with our team of data protection experts so that you and your employees can learn the importance of data protection. With all of the data breaches, hacks on private information, and new federal laws on compliance and data destruction, it’s important that you learn how you can protect your company and keep your information safe and secure. That’s where Corodata can help!

corodata quick plan session

Quick Plan Session

Contact Corodata and speak to a data protection specialist about your needs, details, and a date for the event.

corodata get the word out

Get the word out.

We’ll work with you to make sure that as many employees attend the event as possible. We’ll even give you tips on how to increase engagement and employee participation.

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Have the Talk

We’ll arrive onsite with our team of data protection experts and cover topics from cloud security to how to properly dispose of your hard-drive.

Can you say free lunch?

Corodata will provide your guests with a complimentary lunch so that you can make the most of your workday and learn valuable lessons about data protection at the same time.