Records Management Support Services in Orange County by Corodata

Records Management in Orange County

The ability to effectively manage your business information is dependent on a number of factors including space, accessibility, and organization. Additionally, it’s important to meet compliance standards outlined in regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and GLB. However, allocating dedicated internal resources for controlling your records can be costly and ineffective.

Total records management for your business

You need a solution that enables complete records management for your organization. Corodata is a full-service records and information management company that offers a comprehensive solution combining offsite storage, inventory management and round-the-clock retrieval and delivery. From the time your records are created until final disposition, we provide you with a complete audit trail that maintains the highest data security standards. As the largest independent records management company in California, we protect the entirety of your information inventory including: Our records management service provides you with a turnkey solution for keeping organized and compliant. For over 65 years, we’ve provided businesses representing various industries with an answer for lowering costs and operating more efficiently. We’re proud to have been able to provide Orange County’s business community with a trusted and experienced resource for managing and protecting their most confidential documents and files.

An emphasis on security and privacy protection

Security and confidentiality are our top priority. As a result, we’ve invested in implementing strict chain of custody controls for protecting your records. All of our employees are screened prior to employment and are provided continuous privacy protection training. Our records center was designed and engineered with the following features to safeguard your documents and files: Additionally, the vehicles used to transport and deliver your records are equipped with alarm systems and GPS tracking.

Enabling quick and easy access to your critical records

Equally important as protecting and preserving your business documents is the ability to quickly get your hands on the information you need. Our inventory management system features barcode technology that allows us to track and locate your records at any time. Understanding that each of our clients has unique business needs, the carton and file descriptions you assign are entered into our system. This allows you to easily search for and manage your retained documents by offering the following features: Your records are always available to you no matter the time of day. We offer several delivery options including next day, same day, and rush within Orange County—as well as electronic file transfer. With expertise that spans from government agency retention requirements to internal audit standards for private companies, you can always be assured that you have a records management partner that understands your business needs. To find out more about our records management solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.