Records Storage in Orange County

Today’s business landscape is laden with complex regulations and privacy concerns. As a result, Orange County businesses are taking a closer look at their records management policies and procedures. Securely storing records offsite can be an effective solution for reducing internal costs and improving organizational efficiency. Since 1947, Corodata has been an integral partner to the Orange County business community. During our long history, we’ve developed techniques and systems that protect our clients’ most valuable records.  In addition to earning a reputation as Orange County’s records storage experts, we’ve also become known for our customer-centric focus and personalized service.

Redefining Storage

Storage is more than just finding adequate space, especially when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information. Business records have become prime targets for identity theft, so we safeguard our clients’ documents and files with a combination of personnel and facilities that minimize the risk of potential data breaches. Our offsite records solution offers the following benefits: We provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business.

Better management of your records

Corodata takes the headache out of having to organize and manage your records inventory. We’ll pick up documents and files from your Orange County facility, barcode each carton, and securely transfer them to our Records Center. Every item is assigned a unique shelf location and is tracked within our comprehensive inventory database using the description that you have determined will best fit your business needs. We can even index your files for you. Our records management system offers:

Improved access to your documents and files

Our records retrieval and delivery service eliminates the time and resources you would spend locating critical information and provides a more comprehensive audit trail for your business records.  With our records storage solutions, you’re able to request cartons at any time. Simply let us know and a Corodata courier will deliver your records quickly and securely. There are several delivery options to support your audit and disaster recovery protocols:

The benefits of an offsite storage solution

Optimizing productivity and reducing costs is a top priority for your business. Corodata’s record storage solution allows you to recapture and reallocate office space for revenue generating activities. Additionally, you can reduce the administrative resources necessary for properly organizing and managing your information. As your records management expert, we reduce the risk of potential data breaches and eliminate legal consequences from non-compliance with the following regulations: To find out more how our records storage service is the ultimate answer for your Orange County business, contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.