California businesses should use a professional shredding service

Whether you need a reliable ongoing service or one time service, we tailor a paper shredding service that is unique to your organization’s legal, regulatory, and internal audit requirements.

Time Saver

Simply drop files in your office shredding bin on the way to your next cup of coffee. Voila–responsible disposal and industry compliance, all at once.

Protection Against Breaches

By far, accidents are the largest cause of breaches. If you don’t make it easy and convenient, they are bound to occur. Don’t pile—protect!

Identity Theft Prevention

All it takes is one lazy toss of a file into a recycle bin, trash can or dumpster to create a heap of exposure—and, even worse, legal consequences—for your company. Fines are potentially crippling. Each violation of HIPAA, for example, can cost up to $50,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $1.5 million. To avoid that possibility, you need shredding service that enables timely and thorough shredding of confidential documents.

Privacy Protection is the Law

Shred your documents, it’s the law. Holding on to information too long just increases the risk of data theft and failure to meet audit requirements. Each of the following regulations has guidelines regarding the secure disposal of personal information:

  • SOX
  • GLB

Personal Shredders Are Not the Right Answer

Personal shredders can only destroy a few pages at a time. This low capacity simply isn’t realistic for businesses, either in the volume of paper that needs to be destroyed, or the number of hours to assign to employees to do this.

How professional shredding services can help

Using a scheduled shredding service helps you avoid the fines associated with non-compliance and provides you with a certificate of destruction. It also allows you to protect your company, excel at your job, and get peace of mind, all in one step. Contact Corodata to discuss the file destruction option that works best for you


Do you know what you are supposed to be shredding?

As your company grows and industry regulations change, shredding protocols have also adapted. How knowledgeable are your employees about these practices?