Corodata serves Mid Sized Businesses in California

Medium Business

Mid-Sized Business: Where Challenge Meets Opportunity

When you’re a mid-sized business, managing your records presents logistical challenges, but there are also great opportunities for economies of scale—the trick is navigating both to your best advantage.

You Need Efficiency and Economy– Wasting Time or Money is NOT an Option

With Us, It’s Personal (AND It’s Professional)

Corodata has the facilities, fleet, technology and personnel to flexibly adapt to your logistical and scheduling needs among multiple departments and locations—all while keeping your costs as low as possible. Our mid-sized clients tell us they love our personal, one-to-one service and accountability—passing the buck doesn’t happen with us, unless it’s passing it back to you in the form of cost-efficiencies. You’ll see the same people each day and get to know them by name, and they’ll get to know your people and their individual preferences so every need is taken care of promptly and personally.

You’ll Always Enjoy the Same Great Service, No Matter How Much You Need

At Corodata, we never sacrifice service for scale, no matter how complex your individual requirements may be or how geographically far apart your locations are. You have enough to contend with coordinating your business—your records management should simplify things for you, not further complicate them. Please contact us today to learn more about how our enterprise-level resources can consistently meet your current and future needs seamlessly, without sacrificing the personal service touch you can always count on us to deliver!