Cloud Backup & Restore Service

Data Backup & Recovery Service for Simple to Complex Environments

cloud-image Corodata’s cloud backup service protects your company’s critical data securely, reliably, and efficiently directly over the web, eliminating excess capital or IT expenses.

An overview of the highlights:

  • Automatic cloud backup. Track digital data anywhere to your preconfigured policies.
  • Cloud backup and recovery process deduplicates, compresses, encrypts, transmits data, and guaranteed to one of our top-tier data centers.
  • Online tools provide detailed status backup reports, retrievals, data growth, available in a customizable interactive dashboard.
  • Multiple data centers monitor petabytes of data at the highest classification levels for reliability and performance.
  • Live support available 24/7/365.
  • Independent SSAE 18-compliant audits, completed every year, guarantee our facilities and processes conform to the highest industry standards.
  • FIPS-approved AES encryption protects your data in transit and at rest. You have the one and only key to unlock and access your data.
  • Easy Deployment and Management

Corodata features a scalable and secure cloud backup service called CoroCloud. It backs-up your files, features enhanced protection with industry leading encryption and security practices, and includes step-by-step support. You can choose where you want CoroCloud hosted: onsite on your own servers or in the cloud.

Additionally, our team of cloud solution and data recovery experts will help you lower the cost of IT expenses by providing guidance for installing and supporting CoroCloud. From deployment to recovery, our team will take charge of your data, allowing you and your coworkers to focus on your work. It is an excellent solution for small to mid-sized businesses looking for a way to easily back up their files or data.

CoroCloud has six SSAE 18 geographically dispersed data centers so that you always have a backup in another area, in case of a natural disaster. Whatever the scenario, CoroCloud guarantees fail-proof recovery. Also, CoroCloud supports bare metal recovery, file level recovery, or can restore large amounts of data through the cloud. We can also recover your data using the CoroCloud infrastructure with guaranteed, Service Level Agreement (SLA), in as little as an hour.

CoroCloud also protects your data in case of an emergency or natural disaster. Floods and fires not only damage your property, but often destroy data, hardware, files, and systematically wipe-out important information that you need. With CoroCloud, you always have a backup, giving your confidential information an extra layer of security.

Here’s how it works

  1. Install. The CoroCloud team installs agents and plugins.
  2. Protect. Your data is backed-up from your server to the CoroCloud onsite vault.
  3. Replicate. The backup data is replicated to the cloud vault. The cloud vault resides in your cloud or ours.
  4. Manage. You manage all backup from the central control panel.
  5. Recover. You can recover files from our vault and older recovery points.