10 Must-Ask Questions For Law Firms

For law firms, there are important considerations for protecting and storing paper records as well as those for electronic records. While paper documents might not deteriorate as quickly as the data on compact discs or magnetic tapes, there are still some vital points to keep in mind.

1. Do you have a consistent filing method throughout your entire law firm? You don’t want each practice area or attorney using a different filing system. Take a proactive approach and create one now rather than waiting until you lose important files.

2. Have you identified the particular files or groups of files you will need first in the event of a business interruption like a fire or a disaster like an earthquake or flood? These files should be the most readily accessible.

3. Have you made sure your materials are organized and that each box is indexed and labeled as completely and accurately as possible? If you use a Record Storage center, their ability to serve you quickly after a business interruption or disaster will depend, in large part, on the quality of information you provide.

4. Have you paid attention to the construction of the boxes you use to store your files? Double-walled boxes are the strongest and can withstand being transported and stacked. Corodata has the right carton for all your files,. Contact Corodata.

5. Are you using a storage facility that is close enough for your records to be delivered the same day you request them or, at most, the next day? After the business interruption or disaster, you are going to want to get up and running again as quickly as possible.

6. Have you chosen a Record Storage facility that is well organized and meets your standards for quality? Take time to visit your vendor’s facility to see that it is clean and that the items already stored there are in good order.

7. Do you have an inventory system for your files on your own database, not just on your vendor’s database? For our clients Corodata uses bar-coding and state of the art software; the industry standard for Record Storage cartons, not hand coding.

8. Is someone in your firm already backing up your electronic data on a regular daily basis?

9. How often is the back-up made and exactly what is being backed up?

10. Are you letting an employee take back-up media home each night? While the intentions may be good, this is a bad practice. The person may get in an accident or separate from the firm (maybe involuntarily). This puts your backed-up data at risk.

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