Why Security Makes a Difference in Records Management?

If you’re storing your documents onsite or in a public facility, are you sure your files are really secure? Anyone can store in a box – but true records management governance gives you the peace of mind and security in knowing that your records are safe and follow strict policies, procedures, and processes. Placing your documents in a storage room at your facility or in public storage option can leave your important information up for grabs. When you outsource records management, you can increase your efficiency, reduce your office space needs and – most importantly – keep your documents secure. Records management partners, like Corodata, put a lot of thought, time and technology into keeping your documents safe. Here are six keys areas that we use in order to keep records safe and secure.


Technology to Keep Data Safe

There are more technological options than ever before for keeping track of records and ensuring their safe delivery. It all starts with a tracking system that ensures that your records are kept in order from your facility to the storage site. Technology even makes it possible track the movement of individual documents as you request them from your files. Audit trails can be used to track movements of each box – or individual document.


Onsite Security

When you store documents at your business site, or in a public facility, you’re rolling dice when it comes to security. A records management partner can offer advanced tools on their site to prevent theft – above and beyond standard alarms. Solutions like DVR cameras, remote monitoring and restricted access to the documents area can create extra levels of security that show you that your document management partner has your safety in mind.


Fire Protection

Identity theft isn’t the only risk to your documents – they are paper after all! Fire safety is an important issue – and a good reason to outsource document management and storage. For example, a custom designed building with rack layouts and pathways designed to limit electronics and lights and strategic rack sprinklers is a lot more secure than any old warehouse or your company’s back office.


Screened Employees and Restricted Access

Tracking who can access your documents as well as where they are can add another layer of security. The best security system in the world can fail if personnel aren’t carefully screened and access isn’t managed properly. Background checks, drug tests, ongoing training and restricted access help records management partners keep you safe.


Document Security on the Road

The transportation of your documents from your company to the storage site needs to be just as secure as the facility itself. In addition to the tracking technology, auto locking vehicles and GPS tracking of all company transports can help ensure that your documents are safe during transport.


Smart Storage Boxes

It might seem like all boxes are created equally – but not so! Having sturdy storage boxes can make the difference between a solid, organized stack of records and a storage facility with crushed boxes and missing lids. A records management partner has the supplies and the system to minimize damage.
With all of these security benefits of outsourced records storage, why are you risking it by storing it yourself? At Corodata, we use these six levels of security to keep our clients’ data safe – yet accessible when they need it.

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