Organizational Tools for Records Managers (& Everyone Else)

Whether your job is keeping tabs on every file and folder, or you are a fan of a tightly organized ship, here are Corodata’s picks for what well-run businesses need for proper records management.

First, the basics

These are the fundamental requirements for order and keeping clutter to a minimum.  

Cascading wall organizer

  No matter how well you arrange things, there are times when the work simply piles up and your desk can get cluttered. That file you really need can get lost in a stack. Keep the most important ones in military-precise order so you can keep tabs on them at a glance.

Ergonomic desk chair

Many would argue that such seating for every employee is now as much a workplace necessity as a health plan, 401(k) match, or free coffee. While higher-end chairs may be a larger cost upfront, more studies show that computer-based tasks contribute to higher instances of neck and back pain as well as eye strain—impacting employee wellness, productivity, and a company’s bottom line.  

Electric stapler

  For speed, precision, and multi-page documents, this 20-page model works for keeping items together. For more complex filing needs, 50-sheet capacity staplers might do the trick.  

Label maker

  While handwriting may be faster than punching in letters on a miniaturized keyboard, legibility is critical. A label maker isn’t only the more professional-looking option; a label maker also helps records personnel quickly identify the right file instead of spending time deciphering what a label says.  

Small locking file cabinet

  It’s important to always protect your active files. Data breaches and PCI compliance is more stringent than ever. Before leaving for lunch, or going home for the day or weekend, make it a habit to lock your files in locking filing cabinets. Once you’ve determined a document needs to be retained for the remainder of its life-cycle, keep it secure by storing it offsite.

For experts and professionals

For the employee who is trusted to keep highly sensitive materials safe and catalogued, the ultimate level of security and privacy is a job requirement.  

Stylish Executive Shred Console

  Available in 32-gallon capacity gray model, or upgradable with a Maple, Cherry or Espresso finish, a locking console allows you to safely discard documents once they have reached their retention schedule. They’re suitable for both the executive suite or the more public areas of your business.  

Data Protection Talk

  Bring a Corodata expert to educate your personnel and stakeholders on the importance of data protection. We even bring you lunch!  

Records Management Consultation

  It’s important to get upper management’s approval on your information governance policies to run these programs efficiently and compliantly. However, sometimes, larger big-picture business needs can overshadow the importance of a sound records management strategy. Talk to us if you need information or up-to-date compliance guidelines specific to archiving and storage standards for your industry or business. We’d be happy to help.

For fun

Sure, records management is a serious responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a little twist of fun into your duties.  

A globe paperweight

They who control the information rule the world, right? Use this paperweight as a subtle reminder to reinforce that idea, or dream of your next well-deserved vacation destination.  

Humorous file folders

  Give coworkers a smile when you pass them in the hall, or a reason to do a double-take. It’s your choice. Of course, a records manager’s responsibilities expand to offsite storage, digital archiving, and destruction of old files—and for that, they look to a responsive, reputable records manager partner with the highest standards of professionalism and security.